What Is A Booking Agency?

A person who finds jobs for authors, actors, musicians, film directors, models, professional athletes, film producers, screenwriters, writers, broadcast journalist and several other people in the broadcast or entertainment businesses are called a booking agent or talent agent. Aside from that, it is also the job of the agent to support, promote and defend his or her client's interest.

Talent agencies specialize either by developing entire agencies that wholly or primarily represent one specialty or creating departments within the booking agency. A quick example for this is the various modeling agencies, literary agencies, commercial talent agencies, voiceover agencies, sports agencies, broadcast journalist agencies, music agencies and many more.

The truth is, it isn't a requirement to work with an agency however, it helps the artist a lot to get jobs such as concerts, movie scripts, tours, signings, sport teams, appearances and so forth. Normally, many of the casting directors or other types of businesses go to talent agencies to be able to find artists whom they are looking. The booking agent is then paid by percentage of the overall earnings of the star which is often 10 percent. With that being said, agents are referred sometimes as "10 percenters". There are a number of regulations that govern different types of agents from www.mspentertainmentagency.com. The rules are set by the artist's unions as well as legal jurisdiction to which the agent is operating.

Booking agency is completely different from talent managers in the music industry. Booking agents are those who are booking shows for artists that they represent. Agents also make the necessary arrangements with the show promoters. The booking agent is presenting the producer or promoter of concert with the performance agreement that stipulates the requirements of the artists. And the items can be anything from sound, lighting, transportation and hotel accommodation. And when talking about concert buyers, they are working to find artists who fit in available budget and the need.

Most of the major booking agencies refuse to represent client who are not signed to major record label and have national distribution of their music. And because of this, artists who are under independent record labels usually seek representation with independent booking agency.

Both bars as well as nightclubs that are specializing in presenting live music on regular basis normally employ individuals to assemble the event schedule. Basically, this individual is the venue's buyer and must not be confused with booking agents who present roster of acts available to the buyer.

Many booking agents also have contacts known as freelance promoters or, the people who agreed to produce concert by locating a venue, assembling a staff and providing sound system. Here’s more for you to read: http://www.ehow.com/how_5514115_contact-booking-agents.html.